The Flag and emblems of Sabah and Sarawak States placed crossed to show that both Borneo States always need one another.

The Two lions symbolise the State of Sabah (lion was a symbol for Sabah), and lion is inside the circle of sovereignty of Sabah and Sarawak is to symbolise its power to erode the internal threat.

The People of Sabah understand well the meaning of "internal threat" because this is the situation being faced by them now.

The Horbill symbolises "strength" to protect from external threat such as mass media, politics, immigration, evil propaganda for the State of Sarawak is still strong in that aspect.

The Two emblems at the "bottom" flag States of Borneo symbolises that the "Sovereignty" of each will not be endangered even though both nations fought over different flags as they struggle for Independence is in the common.

The Sabah State motto "Pergo Et Perago" (I understake and I achieve) is in the "Land" (below), coat of arms indicates that if the fight for the homeland, then success is sure to come.

Sarawak State motto "Dum Spiro Spero" (While I breathe, I hope) is in the "sky" (top) coat of arms is a breath of hope that absolute freedom struggle.

Finally, SSU-UK moto is one that was inspired by someone from abroad. This is because he understand well about the struggle and SSU-UK's committment. That's how the motto was created that bring the meaning of "In Sovereignty We Breathe, In Unity We Believe"

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