LONDON, Friday: The Opposition will move a vote of censure in the House of Commons against the Government for its refusal to permit Anthony Brooke to enter Sarawak

Anthony Brooke, who is a nephew of Sir Charles Vyner Brooke, the last White Rajah of Sarawak, was debarred from entering Sarawak as an undesirable person because it was suspected he was about to restore the Brooke regime. 

After Mr.Churchill had given notice of he cencure motion, the Lord President of Council (Mr.Morrison) asked on what ground was the Government to be censured, to which Mr.Churchill replied that tyranny, conceit and incompetence will be the substance of the motion.

It was officially stated in Singapore where Mr.Brooke arrived last night, that he had refused to give assurances that, if he came to Singapore from Hongkong, he would refrain from making statements or indulging in any activity relating to the status of Sarawak.

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