NATIONS WITHOUT STATES (NwS) is an exciting new activist based pressure group sponsored by the National Liberal Party. The NLP – Britain’s true centre party - is the only party that supports self-determination for all nations. Check out its website:

Founded in March 2012, the Organising Committee of NwS consists of Jagdeesh Singh, Graham Williamson and Sockalingam Yogalingam. It is currently appointing NwS Representatives, who’ll become official links to their community's Diaspora. It also hopes to produce a self-determinist manifesto and constitution in the near future.

The main aim of NwS is to highlight the plight of all peoples who aspire to nationhood. These might be based on peoples or tribes within a state or even across borders; folk that may or may not have been independently organised in the past. They might have a linguistic or historical separateness from
their neighbours or fellow citizens. 

All seeking statehood will aspire to recognition, autonomy or independence. We will support the right of all such peoples to determine their future. These include, for instance, the Kurds, Flemish, Sikhs and Tamils. Nations without States – NwS - supports the right of self-determination where it is based on a sound and just position and is supported by the majority of its ‘national’ community.

As self-determinists we believe that the concept of nationhood is universal - and in an era of globalisation it needs protection and promotion as one solution to our political ills. A proud and recognised nation within its own state and at ease with itself is far more likely to ensure internal and external peace than any ‘supra-national empire’.

Thus, Nations without States will aim to: 
  • Showcase the many suppressed nations and those groups that struggle to obtain recognition for their nations and/or some level of autonomy or independence. We will do this via conferences, meetings, demonstrations, days of action, pickets, publications, leaflets and social media. Here we’ll look at the ‘forgotten nations’ of the world explaining their historical background, their present situation and what the future might hold. We are more than happy to allow representatives of such peoples as individuals or groups to present their case.
  • Help build a broad-front alliance which consists of self-determinists from the British Isles and the various foreign Diasporas living here. We will co-ordinate the representatives and groups among the various Diasporas in the West so that each cause will benefit from each other's experience, strength and contacts. Hopefully, by work and contacts. Hopefully, by working together – via joint conferences, demonstrations and educational outreach material - each group will be able to push their national cause that little bit further towards their goals.
NwS is unique because it links all of our national struggles. We believe that joint strategies and the pooling of our resources will make us much stronger. This is essential - as we’re up against powerful governments who have a vested interest in denying people self-determination. Some of these governments are openly dictatorial; 
  • Indeed, they’re not adverse to a spot of genocide. Even some of the democratic’ governments just pay lip service to true democracy and human rights. 
They also have lots of money to spend on PR. In many cases they can call upon a compliant media to either smear those fighting for self-determination or simply not bother reporting views which represent an ‘inconvenient truth’.

Those interested in helping NwS overcome these vested interests and obtaining self-determination for all of our nations, should contact or check out Facebook/Nations without States.

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