12 May 2015

PNA - Kurdish Independence Movement, or K.I.M., is proud to announce its establishment to all fellow Kurdish compatriots all over the world. Based in Washington DC, USA, K.I.M is a totally independent organization with no political affiliation to any faction or group in South Kurdistan (Iraq). Volunteer Patriot Kurdish youths and students, who strongly believe in the legitimate right of Kurds to self-rule in South Kurdistan, constitute the overwhelming majority members of the organization. 

Founded on: May 15, 2012

Ideology: Independence for Iraqi Kurdistan, Kurdish Nationalism, Democracy, Reformism

K.I.M. emblem: 

People hold the ultimate power
A feast demonstrating strength
Eagle implying courage and substituting sword
Slogan words: Independence for South Kurdistan
Colors: Yellow, Green, Red, White (Kurdistan’s flag)

Motto: We have strong faith in a reality that will transpire sooner or 

Ultimate Goal: 

The primary and ultimate objective of K.I.M. is seeking to establish an independent Kurdish state only confined to South Kurdistan (Iraq), including unilateral actions/decisions on declaration of statehood. 

Organization’s Manifesto

Set up a government of the people, by the people, for the people. The people are the source of authorities. They must rule themselves through their elected representatives in conformity with a civil constitution. 

Advocate the rights of oppressed Kurdish nation in Turkey, Syria, Iran and those being in Diasporas; aid them in their legitimate struggle to obtain their inherent rights by seeking peaceful solutions.

Help minimize the widespread administrative, financial and political corruption in the state’s institutions through education and by founding independent auditory bureaus. National wealth belongs to the common people, not a single or particular political group or party. There must be transparency and accountability in South Kurdistan Government budget spending and allocations. 

Merge and centralize all key government institutions and departments to better serve Kurdish nation. Distribution and appointment in government positions must be based on merits and qualifications, not tribal, partisan or political association.

Establish, espouse and empower a non-partisan KDF (Kurdistan Defense Forces) by all feasible means and at the earliest. Allocate a substantial budget for Kurdistan Department of Defense (KDF), to ensure its full preparedness to defend the nation versus any possible external aggression. South Kurdistan is passing through a very sensitive transformational phase during Kurdish history of struggle. Creation of an armed national force is a perquisite and the number one priority of K.I.M. 

Incorporate Kirkuk and all disputed regions back into an independent
South Kurdistan by encouraging reversing the effects of the policy of Bathification, displacement and expatriation.

Promote the culture of peace, pluralistic co-existence, multi-culturalism, religious tolerance, racial diversity, human rights and democracy in South Kurdistan.

Involve technocrats in the ongoing political and reconstruction process. South Kurdistan must minimize importing foreign expertise and more depend and invest on its own Human Resources. 

Champion the rights of political Kurdish prisoners and Kurdish asylum seekers abroad. K.I.M. is opposed to forceful/involuntary repatriation of Kurdish refugees or asylum seekers. K.I.M. seeks to exert maximum pressure on host countries to prevent such an act and urge them to expedite reviewing their cases. 

Eliminate the prevalent culture of tribalism, nepotism, cronyism, and regionalism in South Kurdistan through education and only tout national cohesion. 

Support the development of free media and total respect for freedom of the press, assembly, association.

Preserve the beautiful environment and natural resources in South Kurdistan. Prevent contamination and deforestation through raising public awareness and enlightenment programs.

Ensure the fair and equal distribution of national wealth on the common welfare of nation. Confront the abuse, mismanagement or embezzlement of public funds by a single political entity. 

Ensure that rotation of power transpires through fair and free elections. Ensure the right to legislation, the right to establishment of political parties, mass organizations and trade unions, the right to freedom of expression, the right to demonstration, the right to participation in power, and assumption of positions in government. 

Uproot the phenomenon of terrorism, extremism and radicalism which are in contradiction of the spirit of every religion. They must be condemned in strongest possible terms. 

Eliminate the wrong social and tribal customs, traditions and wrong prevalent practices in South Kurdistan, especially against freedoms of women.

Confront and disallow all methods of violence and illegal sanctions and murder against women, and ensure that those accountable are prosecuted to the fullest extent feasible.

Preserve Kurdish heritage, historical monuments and archaeological sites. Revive Kurdish names and culture and reverse the estrangement of Kurdish culture.

Progressively discontinue the prevalent tribal and autocratic rule in South Kurdistan and supplant it with an all-inclusive democratic government. Dictatorship and autocracy are the basis of most of social and economic injustice. K.I.M believes no government official should be able to serve more than two consecutive terms. It bases its ideology in reformism and urges senior veterans to more play the role of “Assist and Advice”.

Encourage, establish and fund influential lobbing, advocacy firms and media outlets in major international languages and countries around the world to promote and protect Kurdish political,www.ekurd.net economical and cultural cause and interests. K.I.M believes more attention must paid be to the accessible 21st century technology, to better promote Kurdish cause.

Make judiciary a total independent institution.

International Kurdish Genocides and ensure the families of victims obtain financial compensation.

Increase minority representation in private and government sectors. Eliminate all types of discrimination against non-Kurds and Non-Muslim through education and public awareness. Promote equal citizens rights. Safeguard the democratic right of all ethnic, religious and sectarian minorities in South Kurdistan. Diversity is key to development and Minorities are a source of strength and enrichment. 

Respect women rights and boost women participation in political, cultural and social affairs. Men and women are complementary to each other, and they should reserve equal rights.

Establish, fund and promote institutions of civil society and development.

Cultivate friendly relations with neighboring states and nations; deepen the dialogue process among the Kurds and Arabs, Kurds and Persians, Kurds and Turks in order to achieve peace, stability and coexistence among the peoples of the region.

Work to strengthen the role of the Kurdistan Parliament by converting it into an institution with authority, control and accountability.

Enhance Kurdistan-Diasporas bonds and encourage them to return and contribute to the reconstruction and development of country by providing them the basic needs. The stated goal can only be achieved through national foreign representation bureaus set up by South Kurdistan Government.

Help combine and select a common written and spoken Kurdish language. 

Respect Human Rights and maintain close contact with global Human Rights organizations and Non-governmental organizations (NGO). Report and inform the public opinion and concerned authorities pertaining to any violation of Human Rights taking place in South Kurdistan.

Gradually convert S. Kurdistan economic system from a consumption one into self-production one and minimize S. Kurdistan dependency on neighboring states in all aspects.

Focus on reconstructing the damaged infrastructure of South Kurdistan, paying special attention to villages and rural areas, develop their economic state, and raise the illiteracy rate. 

Encourage Kurdish youths, students, and academics to participate in the devolvement of state. Create employment opportunities for youths. Provide students and educational establishments with the required technical, scientific and engineering expertise.

Devolve relationship with all peoples, countries and governments of the world.

Make South Kurdistan self-sufficient in every aspect.


Membership is open to every Kurdish youth and student. 
K.I.M aims to expand its influence and constantly seeks qualified members for representative capacities in every state and country.

K.I.M. is the new designation for former “Kurdish Youth Movement”. 

If you believe in independence for South Kurdistan, then you must join us.


For all forms of contacts and inquiries, please contact:

Provisional Spokesman for K.I.M. in the USA.
Baqi Barzani

Email: Baqi.barzani@yahoo.com

by KIM- ekurd.net 


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