Go Addy: "malaysia" is not one country. It is a federation of 3 Nations (Malaya, Sabah and Sarawak) - every Nation is independent of each other as seperate legal entity. That is the Federation of 'malaysia" (in accordance with the Malaysia Agreement 1963 - if still valid)

Instead of complying with the Federation arrangement, Malaya is changing the rules in the middle of the game to turn "malaysia' into a " Unitary State " by taking away of the autonomous rights of Sabah Sarawak and make them states as parts of Malaya.

This has created irreparable damage and irreversible complications. "malaysia" is now at a lost - cannot go forward and cannot go backward : STUCK IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE!!!

"malaysia" cannot exist based on the Federation of Malaya Agreement 1957. ( because this agreement does not include Sabah and Sarawak) This Agreement 1957 should have been abolished on 16 September 1963 and replaced with the Malaysia Agreement 1963. This replacement cannot be done because to do so will dissolve the Malayan Union of 11 states and everyone will become independent states ( Kelantan, Trengganu, Johore, Penang and Malacca are ready to opt out at anytime now). In fact in 1963 - 4 days before the proclamation of "malaysia", Kelantan made a Court Application to challenge that the they are not consulted when the Malaysia Agreement was signed in 1963 and are therefore not bound by it.

So the danger of adopting the Malaysia Agreement 1963 as rhe basis to legitimise the formation of "malaysia" cannot be done. 

This explains the reason why Sabah Sarawak legally and constitutionally are by default still remain outside the constitution's definition (Article 160).




Lina Soo: so precise, thank you Addy. may i add if Malaysia is a new country, then Malaya will have to cease as a member state of United Nations, and Malaysia to re-apply as a new member of UN. 

so quit saying msia is a new nation and all are equal partners. dont believe the spin and propaganda of britain and malaya promoters of malaysia scam. we have been taken for a ride for 52 years, so wake up now

Borneo Wiki: "Malaya" renamed "Malaysia" as stated in MA63. Go Addy --- But, wait...... MA63 was abrogated when S'pore left & the original "Malaysia" agreed to by 4 countries ceased to exist...

So that means SS are not legally part of Malaysia and there is nothing to negotiate except de-colonization!

***In order to get better understanding about this matter, please read these articles, "Defining Malaysia: Is Malaya Masquerading as Malaysia?" and "Is Malaysia Agreement 1963 (MA63) a Valid International Agreement?" Once you finish your reading, you will know the truth. Don't forget to share these articles to your friends.***

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    According to the "Memorandum of Safeguards & Assurances for the Borneo Territories" published by the "Malaysia Solidarity Committee" Mar 1962, "Malaysia" was defined as "an association of SOVEREIGN states".

    This implied a type of "Confederation" whereby component states remained largely independent and controlled their own affairs other than common matters affecting the members (e.g. EU) and NOT a "Federation" with a central federal gov't.

    But both Sabah & Sarawak (and even S'pore) were still colonies which were never formally granted independence by the UK Parliament as required by their law. Sabah & Sarawak in particular did not have capacity to make an international treaty such as MA63. Thus MA63 according to international law was not validly made.

    The secret agreement between UK & Malaya was to transfer Singapore and the 2 Borneo countries to Malaya without independence. Thus UK even refused to recognize S'pore unilateral declaration of independence on the eve of "Malaysia formation".

    Malaya also strongly objected to Britain giving "self-rule" to SS.

    In any case SS were colonies on 16 Sept. 1963 and Malaysia was not a free association of (free) sovereign states.

    If we accepted this definition it means Malaysia was no more then the incorporation of SSS into the Malayan Federation without independence for the 3 countries.

    The UN registered Sabah & Sarawak as having a change of status but not to "independent states".

    The reality was their status as British colonies was changed to that of "Malayan colonies"! 53 years have proven this correct.

    S'pore became independent from Malaysia in Aug 1965 and the UK pass an act recognizing this change in situation.

    The Malaysia concept of 4 component countries was changed to 3 without consultant with the 2 remaining component countries or a popular referendum to decide whether SS want to continue in "Malaysia".

    This means "Malaysia" was no longer the original concept - so it is still valid?

    1. Agree. This is what we are going to expose. Anyway, thanks for the sharing. Keep it up!


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