"Prof. Leigh, 24 September 1841 is the day that Sarawak was established as an independent country. Sarawak people was proud to be Sarawakian and living in a sovereign country and regard the Rajah as "Trustee" of the people.

The "trusteeship" relationship was widely used by the Great Powers at that time, for example, the British, Dutch, Spain, etc. However, there are many approach use in setting up the "trausteeship" relationship in different country.

For example, the British has many experience and knowledge in term of "trusteeship" with different country and community that the British develop over the course of time, the "trusteeship" governance that they think is the best was finally established.

However, the anomaly happen when the British subject, James Brooke become a "trustee" of a newly independent Sarawak and design his own "trusteeship"-based kind of governance that put the British design of "trusteeship" like a shameful formula.

What do you expect of His/Her Majesty's Government reaction dealing with the British subject which is more successful than a whole colonial power the-like of British?

The root is a mere arrogance and jealousy of the great empire, The British empire in the face of a great man, the Rajah of Sarawak.

Until today, the British will not acknowledge the success story of Sarawak compare with the other British "trust territory" around the world."
Zulfaqar Sa'adi

"If Sarawak does not gained independent in 1963, then, all of us must accept the fact that Sarawak (and Sabah are) is still colonize. First by British and then, by Malaya in the present days."
Sylvia John

"That mean, sarawak never independence in the first place. Now still like a colony."
Edison Poi

"If Sarawak did not gained independence, than MA63 is void because only a sovereign nation can form an international treaty with another nation. Doesn't this mean Malaysia Federation is not legal?"
Walter Gregory Ripon

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