May 2015

By looking at this diagram presented above, we can see clearly that this is how the current system of Malaysia is functioning right now. UMNO does not has rights to be in either Sabah nor Sarawak. But the question is WHY THEY ARE IN SABAH??? To answer this question, we must understand the basic history of Malaysia Formation. UMNO was established to represent the majority group of Malay people in Malaya and they are suppose not to interfere Sabah and Sarawak's internal affair. But what happen now, the damaged done by UMNO can be seen clearly in Sabah. The 18 and 20 points of agreement which is suppose to be adhere by the Malaya has been broken. After Singapore was been dismissed from Malaysia Federation in1965, it's confirmed that the Agreement of Malaysia 1963 and the 18 & 20 Points are no longer valid which in the other word... NULLIFIED!

And by these reasons, SSKM was established to educate the people of Sabah and Sarawak about the Hidden Truth that has been hidden for 49 years from the public's knowledge which is purposely done by the Federal Government of Malaysia ruled by UMNO.

To all people of Sabah, please open your eyes to understand the truth and STOP DENYING! Think about your future generation instead of your personal interest!

To all people of Sarawak, please NEVER EVER LET UMNO rule in Sarawak for they are no business there. They are not belong to Sabah and Sarawak for they only valid in Malaya!  

KOTA KINABALU, May 22 ― Police will not be able to apprehend UK-based Sabah and Sarawak secession advocate Doris Jones unless she returns to Malaysia.

Sabah Inspector Mohd Shahrizan Yahaya said that Britain has abolished the Sedition Act and does not recognise her crime.

“Interpol is ready to arrest her if she was involved in crimes but unlike Malaysia, the UK has abolished the Sedition Act hence it is difficult for them to arrest her,”  he said.

Shahrizan said that police will arrest her upon her return to the country.

A warrant of arrest has been issued for Jones, identified as Doris Yapp Kim Youn, since January this year for promoting secession through social media.

She is believed to be behind a Facebook page “Sabah Sarawak Keluar Malaysia” which aims to promote awareness of Sabah and Sarawak rights within Malaysia and controversially also promotes discourse on secession.

Sabah police commissioner Datuk Jalaluddin Abdul Rahman said that Malaysian police will contact Interpol for assistance to locate and arrest Jones.

Jones herself has repeatedly denied being contacted by authorities or interpol in the UK.

Some 14 people have been arrested for “seditious” activities under the SSKM banner in Lahad Datu and Tuaran, soliciting signatures for a petition to support a review of the Malaysian Agreement.

Five people will stand trial next month.



THE Hudson's Bay Company's Charter, 1670. British North Borneo Company's Charter, November 1 88 1 , as a territorial power. The example followed by Germany. Borneo the second largest island in the world. Visited by Friar Odoric, 1322, by Berthema, 1503 ; but not generally known until, in 1518 Portuguese, and in 1521 Spanish, expeditions touched there. Report of Pigafetta, the companion of Magellan, who found there a Chinese trading community. Origin of the name Borneo; sometimes known as Kalamantan. Spanish attack on Brunai, 1573. First Dutch connection, 1600 ; first British connection, 1609. Diamonds. Factory established by East India Company at Banjermassin, 1702, expelled by natives. British capture of Manila, 1762, and acquisition of Balambangan, followed by cession of Northern Borneo and part of Palawan. Spanish claims to Borneo abandoned by Protocol, 1885. Factory established at Balambangan, 1771, expelled by Sulus, 1775 ; re-opened 1803 and abandoned the following year. Temporary factory at Brunai. Pepper trade. Settlement of Singapore, 1819. Attracted trade of Borneo, Celebes, &c. Pirates. Brooke acquired Sarawak 1840, the first permanent British possession. Labuan a British Colony, 1846. The Dutch protest. Their possessions in Borneo. Spanish claims. Concessions of territory acquired by Mr. Dent, 187778. The monopolies of the first Europeans ruined trade : better prospect now opening. United States connection with Borneo. Population. Malays, their Mongolian origin. Traces of a Caucasic race, termed Indonesians. Buludupih legend. Names of aboriginal tribes. Pagans and Mahomedans.

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Away down in the Indian Ocean there is a long chain of islands that stretches from Burmah to Australia. One of these is New Guinea which is the largest island in the world (leaving out Australia), and Borneo comes next in size. It is nearly four times as large as England. One quarter of it—the States of Sarawak and British North Borneo—is under British influence. The rest is all claimed by the Dutch, excepting one small State, Brunei, between North Borneo and Sarawak, which is governed by a Malay Sultan, who is a Mahommedan. Sarawak is governed by an English Rajah, or King, Sir Charles Brooke, who succeeded his uncle. Sir James Brooke, in 1868 ;—British North Borneo is owned by an English Trading Company, called the North Borneo Company, who appoint an Englishman as Governor to rule it for them.

If you look at a map of Borneo you wiU see that the Equator divides the island into two parts, so that
Borneo is right in the middle of the Torrid Zone. The climate is therefore tropical, that is to say there is no spring, autumn or winter, but only summer, and it is always much hotter in Borneo than it is in the hottest summer in England.

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"In British North Borneo there are 350,000 people on an area one-third the size of Britain, but the Colonial Office will not admit Indian and Chinese labour for fear of creating ' another Malaya'. And the Indian Government itself is unwilling to permit indentured emigration, and imposes a ban on emigration to most of the areas that would welcome immigration"

W. Arthur Lewis, A Policy for Colonial Agriculture.

THE Colony of North Borneo, whose Government requested the Government of India recently to permit the emigration of 10,000 Indian families for permanent settlement there, is the least known and least developed of the remaining British territories in South-East Asia, viz., Malaya, Singapore, Sarawak, Brunei and North Borneo. Before the war, the (Colony was a British protectorate administered by a Chartered Company. It was only in 1946 that it became a Crown Colony and the UK assumed direct responsibility for its governance. Labour, which formed a part of the Straits Settlements before the war, is now incorporated in the Colony of North Borneo.

The present population of the Colony is estimated at 360,000, of which less than 20 per cent, i.e., about 70,000, are Chinese and the rest mostly native tribes, the most important being the Dusuns, who are" prosperous agriculturists. Then, there are the head-hunting Muruts, who follow the practice of shifting cultivation, and the sea-faring Ba-jaus. The Chinese form the largest alien race and are engaged in cultivation of small holdings, trade and commerce, skilled occupations and government service. The rest of the population consists of the small, but powerful, European community, a few Indonesians, Malays and Indians. The country is very thinly populated, the highest density being 23 persons to the square mile in the West Coast, where about half the population lives.

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Kota Kinabalu: A newly-established NGO called Sunduvan Sabah vowed it will not rest until the Australian government releases the official findings of the June 6, 1976 plane crash that killed five Sabah Cabinet members.

Its President Aloysius Danim Siap said since the report of the findings had been kept confidential at the request of the Malaysian government, the Sabah government must call for its release since it is considered a foreign government.

"Next year, it is going to be 40 years since our leaders perished in the crash. Why are they keeping us in the dark as to why it happened? What caused it?

"Why did the Malaysian government instruct the Australian government to seal the information? Therefore, it is our goal to pressure the government to lift the lid on this issue as soon as possible," he said.

At least, said Aloysius, the government should be transparent and come up with a statement on the real reason for the tragedy so that the people of Sabah will finally know the truth.

Sunduvan Sabah, he said, will also organise a wreath-laying ceremony to remember those who died in the plane crash on June 6 at the Double Six Monument Park at Sembulan.

"We are anticipating between 300 and 500 people would join us including local political parties, namely Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP), Sabah Reform Party (Star) and Sabah Reform Movement (APS).

"A total of 28 NGOs including Sunduvan Sabah will also be participating in the event which will start at 9.30am, right after the State-sanctioned event on the same day," he said.

The purpose of the event, said Aloysius, is to remember the 10 people who died in the plane 39 years ago, especially the five Cabinet members including then Chief Minister Tun Fuad Stephen.

"The group were our heroes who were supposed to dictate our future with regards to our resources (oil and gas) but because of the tragedy, we lost our valuable treasure.

"Had they not died, we would have followed a different path. We would not have so much problems with our economy, security, Borneonisation, education, illegal immigrant problems and so on. Others may have other views, but this is what we in Sunduvan Sabah believe," he said.

Aloysius urged the public to come to the memorial park on June 6 and show solidarity with other Sabahans who mourn the death of the leaders by wearing black or dark shirts.

NICOLA STURGEON yesterday warned David Cameron that HE will be responsible for fast-tracking a second independence referendum unless he meets key SNP demands.

The First Minister told Holyrood she has no plans to push for another poll in the wake of her party’s stunning general election success. But she demanded the Prime Minister “respects” the massive mandate given to the Nationalists.

At the very least, she wants a fresh look at proposals to boost Holyrood’s powers.

Sturgeon said: “I can’t impose a referendum against the will of the Scottish people but nor can David Cameron rule out a referendum against the will of the people. It will be the people who decide.

“What happens to public opinion on this question in the years ahead will depend not just on what the SNP and the Scottish Government do, but also on the respect shown to the decisions the people of Scotland have made.

“How David Cameron, his Government and the Westminster system choose to respond to the message Scotland has sent will be crucial to how we move forward.”

She now wants the Tory Government to reopen talks on the Smith Commission, set up to transfer new powers after the No vote.

But Sturgeon appeared hesitant on one of her key policies. The SNP want full financial autonomy but experts warn the move would blow a £7.6billion hole in finances.

“However, as a matter of priority, we want to see devolution of powers over employment policy, including the minimum wage, welfare, business taxes, national insurance and equality policy.”

Earlier yesterday, Sturgeon came to an agreement with the Scottish Trades Union Congress on the desire for new powers.

Grahame Smith, STUC general secretary, said they would work with the Scottish Government and other civic organisations “to oppose this unnecessary and damaging new dose of austerity and to instead help build a fairer and more equal Scotland”.


Sarawak for Sarawakians is for every Sarawakian, and doesnt belong to anyone exclusively. This nationalistic call is more than 50 years old, and has been echoed time and time at varying degrees. 

Sarawak for Sarawakians cry started in the 1960s when Malaysia Plan was proposed and SUPP who fought for independence and not merger with Malaya, started the slogan. Later Sarawak for Sarawakians was taken up by Stephen Kalong Ningkan and SNAP. Recently, even former CM and current CM cite Sarawak is for Sarawakians.

Lee, the designer of this logo surrendered the design for our use unconditionally for the good of Sarawak. Everyone can use this design. Nobody can copyright the slogan, anyone can try, but will not succeed. 

Any Sarawakian can use the logo to print any merchandise and sell throughout Sarawak, the more ppl wear and use it, the more successful is it, so pls do unreservedly. 

Macedonia also used 'Macedonia for Macedonians' successfully in their aspiration for freedom and liberty. They won.

Sarawak for Sarawakians reflect the aspiration of the Sarawak people. The cry is to unite Sarawakians, not divide us.

We thank Lee for his inspiring design. He is one Sarawak nationalist who has given his commitment and dedication unselfishly, without any thought of return. 

So too has Beng Kor, who has been there from the beginning and moved mountains and distances, with his passion for land and country.

Source: Lina Soo

Berlegar legar dilaman sosial apabila dikatakan pada 10 April 2015 lalu Kerajaan Republik China dan Kerajaan Thailand telah berjaya memetrai satu perjanjian kerjasama untuk mewujudkan satu terusan yang bakal menyebabkan Persekutuan Tanah Melayu (Malaya) terputus dengan tanah besar Asia Tenggara menjadi sebuah pulau.

Perjanjian tersebut sebuah syarikat gergasi dari China dibenarkan melabur di selatan Thailand untuk pembinaan semula lapangan terbang, pelaburan dan pembinaan Pusat Konvensyen Antarabangsa Thailand dan Pusat Pameran, pemasangan bas NGV dan yang paling penting membina sebuah terusan merentasi Selatan Thai.

Terusan Kra Isthmus atau Thai Canal itu bakal diwujudkan untuk memendekkan perjalanan kapal dagang dari China untuk ke Eropah iaitu sama konsep dengan Terusan Panama dan Terusan Suez.

Menurut MoU berkenaan, jumlah panjang Terusan Kra Isthmus yang dicadangkan ialah akan merentasi selatan Thai sepanjang 102 kilometer dengan lebar 400 meter lebar dan kedalaman mencecah 20 meter.

Dikatakan cadangan tersebut sebenarnya bukanlah cadangan baru tetapi telah di cadangkan oleh Raja Narai pada tahun 1677 lagi dengan meminta jurutera Perancis de Lamar tetapi gagal kerana keupayaan teknikal yang terhad pada masa itu.

Dengan kewujudan Terusan Kra Isthmus ini dikatakan dapat menjimatkan jarak perjalanan kapal -kapal dagang antarabangsa  sejauh 1,200 kilometer kerana tidak perlu lagi melalui perairan Selat Melaka dengan mengelilingi Persekutuan Tanah Melayu (Malaya).

Kewujudan terusan ini bukan sahaja dapat menjimatkan jarak perjalanan malahan menjimatkan kos bahan api, kos pengangkutan dan menjimatkan masa.

Anggaran awal kos pembinaan Terusan  Kra Isthmus ialah USD $27 bilion dan dijangka mengambil masa 10 tahun untuk disiapkan. Apabila siap ia akan menjadi terusan buatan manusia terbesar di Asia.

Bagaimanapun tarikh untuk projek pembinaan terusan itu masih belum diketahui.

Berita ini mungkin mencetuskan kerisauan dikalangan negara yang bergantung kepada Selat Melaka termasuklah Malaysia, Singapura, Indonesia dan Brunei.

Kerana kewujudan terusan ini pasti akan memberi kesan kepada Pelabuhan Klang, Pelabuhan Tanjung Pelepas dan Pelabuhan Singapura.

Perlu diingat bahawa salah satu sebab Benua Afrika mundur adalah kerana kewujudan Terusan Suez yang menyebabkan kurang kapal dagang melalui perairan benua tersebut. 

Please find below the full text of First Minister Nicola Sturgeon’s statement this afternoon to the Scottish Parliament on the result of the UK general election:

Presiding Officer,

I am grateful for the opportunity to make a statement on the outcome of the UK general election.

Firstly, let me take the opportunity to congratulate all those elected - or re-elected - to serve as Members of Parliament.

It is the greatest honour to be elected to represent our fellow citizens in Parliament, whether here in the Scottish Parliament or in the House of Commons.

It is also an enormous responsibility and I know that all those taking up seats for the first time will be feeling a combination of pride, excitement and trepidation. I wish them all well as they get down to work on behalf of their constituents.

My good wishes also go to those who lost seats last week. My party may have won the election on Thursday but we also know - from past experience - what it feels like to lose.

So while we may celebrate our success, we take no pleasure in the personal loss that defeated candidates will be feeling.

I wish each of them, and their families, the very best of luck in whatever they choose to do in the months and years ahead.

Presiding Officer,

The result last week was of truly historic proportions.

The SNP now has the honour of representing 56 out of 59 seats – in the north, south, east and west of the country

We secured 50% of all votes cast.

1.4 million people in total voted SNP – the largest number of votes that any party has won in Scotland, ever.

The trust that the Scottish people have placed in the SNP to represent the country's interests at Westminster is unprecedented.

We will now work, each and every day, with determination and humility, to repay that trust in full.

Presiding Officer,

We will also work just as hard to win the trust of those who did not vote for the SNP last Thursday.

As Scotland's government - and as the largest party in Holyrood and now the largest Scottish party at Westminster - we recognise the unique obligation we have to reach out to and speak for all of Scotland.

I pledge today that we will make Scotland's voice heard.

We will stand up for the progressive policies that we put at the heart of the campaign.

But we will also seek - in everything we do - to build unity in our country.

Presiding Officer,

There is one final point I want to make about the nature of our task at Westminster.

During the election I spoke about my desire to build a progressive alliance at Westminster to lock the Tories out of office.

While Scotland voted for that change, Labour failed to win sufficient support in England and I regret that.

But our determination to work with others of progressive opinion across the political spectrum, in and out of parliament, remains undiminished. 

We will build alliances to argue for the protection of the vulnerable against deeper welfare cuts, we will seek to defend our human rights protections, to halt further privatisation of the NHS  and to safeguard the UK's place in Europe.  A  clear majority of people across the UK did not vote Tory last Thursday and they deserve a strong voice in Parliament.

I promise today that the SNP and the Scottish Government will seek to be that voice.

We will be a constructive, principled, determined and effective opposition to the majority Tory government - and we will seek to be so on behalf of people, not just in Scotland, but right across the UK.

Presiding Officer,

The scale of the mandate that the people of Scotland gave to the SNP last week ensures a much stronger voice for Scotland at Westminster.

But it also strengthens the hand of this Scottish Government in seeking to secure the very best deal for Scotland from Westminster - which in turn strengthens our ability as a government to deliver for Scotland.

Yesterday I visited the Emergency Department of Edinburgh Royal Infirmary to thank frontline NHS staff for the work they are doing to improve A&E waiting times and to reaffirm our commitment to support our NHS to make the further improvements that are needed.

The delivery of healthcare and other public services is, of course, the responsibility of my government and we will, rightly, be judged on our performance.

But it stands to reason that we can do more to support and protect our public services if our budget is not being cut, year on year, by Westminster.

It is for these very practical reasons that we put an end to austerity at the very heart of the election campaign. We will now use our mandate to put it at the heart of the Westminster agenda. 

I spoke to the Prime Minister by phone on Friday.  Yesterday I wrote to him to seek a meeting at the earliest possible opportunity and we are looking to meet later this week.

Public spending and the protection of Scotland's budget will be key issues on the agenda when we do meet.

The issue of more powers for the Scottish Parliament must also form part of our discussions.

I want again today to pay tribute to Lord Smith of Kelvin. The work that he and his Commission did provides us with a strong starting point for the further devolution of power to this Parliament that is so necessary if we are to grow our economy faster, support more people into well paid work and lift children out of poverty.

The Scottish Government welcomed the proposals that Lord Smith brokered, but we have also been consistent in our view that they do not go far enough.

The outcome of the election makes abundantly clear that this view is shared by a significant proportion of the Scottish electorate.

If the Prime Minister and his government mean what they say about respecting the outcome of the election in Scotland, they must now agree with us a process that looks again at the Smith Commission proposals, with a view to extending devolution even further.  That must be a process that is made in Scotland – and one that involves wider Scottish society.

As my party's manifesto made clear, we believe that the Scottish Parliament should move to full financial responsibility.

However, as a matter of priority, we want to see devolution of powers over employment policy, including the minimum wage, welfare, business taxes, national insurance and equality policy - the powers we need to create jobs, grow revenues and lift people out of poverty.

It is such a package of priority, job-creating, poverty-tackling powers that we will now seek to build support for and agreement on.

I very much hope that Scottish Labour will now become part of this growing consensus.

This morning I met with the STUC and they agreed to join us in calling for powers over the minimum wage, trade union and employment law, health and safety law, equalities legislation and for greater responsibility on welfare to be devolved as a matter of priority to this Parliament.

For Scottish Labour to want to leave these powers in the hands of a UK Labour government was perhaps understandable – albeit not a position I agreed with – but for Labour to argue that these powers should remain in the hands of a majority Tory government with no mandate in Scotland would be inexplicable to most people across Scotland.

I genuinely hope Labour will now think again and join us in arguing for a Scottish Parliament, equipped with the powers we need to build economic prosperity and foster greater social justice.

The last issue I want to address today is one that was, ironically, talked about much more by our opponents during this campaign than it was by the SNP – the issue of independence.

It is no secret to anyone that the SNP supports independence – we always will.

But I made clear during the campaign that this election was not about independence - it was about making Scotland's voice heard at Westminster.

I said clearly to people in Scotland that I would not take a vote for the SNP as an endorsement of independence or of a second referendum.

And let me be absolutely clear that I stand by that.

There will only be another independence referendum if the people of Scotland vote in a future Scottish Parliament election to have one.

That is democracy.

And, of course, it cuts both ways. I can't impose a referendum against the will of the Scottish people, but nor can David Cameron rule out a referendum against the will of the people.

It will be the people who decide.

And what happens to public opinion on this question in the years ahead will depend not just on what the SNP and the Scottish Government do, but also on the respect shown to the decisions the people of Scotland have made.

How David Cameron, his government and the Westminster system choose to respond to the message Scotland has sent will be crucial to how we move forward.

It is worth reflecting that last week's General Election didn't just result in record high support for the SNP in Scotland.

It also resulted in record low support for the Conservatives in Scotland - it was the lowest share of the vote won by the Tories in Scotland since 1865.

So, it seems to me that the Conservatives now have a clear choice.

They can ignore the voice of the Scottish people and carry on regardless, as if nothing has happened, and let people draw their own conclusions about the ability of Westminster to respond to Scottish opinion.

Or, alternatively, they can choose to demonstrate that Westminster does listen and that it is capable of serving Scotland better.

For our part, we will work in good faith to get that better deal for Scotland.

We will be constructive and seek agreement with the UK government on issues where we can find common ground. And we will act in the best interests of all of the people of Scotland.

Presiding Officer,

We asked people to vote for us in this election to make Scotland's voice heard at Westminster.

People placed their trust in us to make Scotland's voice heard.

We now intend – in the House of Commons and here in the Scottish Government – to get on with that job on behalf of all of the people we are so honoured to serve.

Salam sejahtera, salam hormat, salam Kemerdekaan Negara Sabah dan Kemerdekaan Negara Sarawak untuk kali ke-53 tahun saya ucapkan kepada semua Bangsa Negara Sabah dan Bangsa Negara Sarawak. Saya Doris Jones, mewakili kumpulan sosial didalam Facebook yang bernama Sabah Sarawak Keluar Malaysia (SSKM) yang kini sudah didaftarkan secara SAH dibawah bidang kuasa perundangan Kerajaan United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (UK) dan bergerak aktif di Borneo dan di peringkat antarabangsa dengan nama NGO Sabah Sarawak Union (SSU-UK) ingin membuat kenyataan rasmi berhubung dengan berita luar negara daripada Republik Filipina dengan tajuk "Malaysia invites MNLF for talks on Sabah, Sarawak". 

Dalam kenyataan akhbar online ini yang bernama Philstarjurucakap Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF), Absalom Cerveza berkata bahawa mereka (MNLF) telah menerima jemputan untuk perbincangan tentang keberangkalian untuk memasukkan wilayah Sabah dan Sarawak ke dalam Republik Bangsamoro [1]. Tambahannya lagi, jemputan khas telah disampaikan oleh wakil kepada pemimpin MNLK, Nur Misuari namun jemputan tersebut belum diberi maklumbalas [2]. Selain itu, jurucakap MNLF memberitahu bahawa mereka belum jelas tentang agenda mesyuarat tersebut namun apa yang pasti isu mesyuarat tersebut adalah tentang usaha untuk memasukkan wilayah Sabah, Sarawak ke dalam wilayah Republik Bangsamoro yang merangkumi Basilan, Mindanao, Sulu, Tawi-Tawi, dan Palawan [3]. Selain itu juga, Cerveza mendakwa kononnya diawal pembentukkan persekutuan malaysia, kesultanan sulu telah memasukkan Sabah dan Sarawak [4]. Tambahannya lagi, kerajaan malaysia sememangnya mempunyai jalinan kerjasama sejak dahulu lagi sehingga mewujudkan kem latihan ketenteraan di malaysia (Sabah) diawal tahun 70an. Kini, malaysia didakwanya ingin mewujudkan semula jalinan kerjasama tersebut [5].

Pertama [1], pihak kami tidak terkejut apabila mendapat berita ini daripada portal Filipina. Ini kerana sememangnya dan sudah terbukti bahawa kerajaan malaya yang telah menyamar menjadi kerajaan persekutuan malaysia dan kini sedang diterajui dibawah dominasi politik bn-umno telah  dan sedang mengkhianati bangsa Negara Sabah khususnya dalam hal Kuasa Kedaulatan dan Kuasa Kemerdekaan. Masa depan Bangsa Negara Sabah dipermainkan dan didokong oleh barua-barua malaya yang terdiri daripada pemimpin-pemimpin tempatan yang berada didalam parti umno Sabah, pbs, upko, pbrs, ldp, mca dan gerakan. Jikalau benar apa yang dilaporkan oleh artikel yang telah disiarkan ini, maka ini adalah satu PENGKHIANATAN BERAT yang sedang dilakukan oleh kerajaan dibawah kepimpinan najib razak. Pihak kami masih sedang menyiasat akan perkara ini tetapi apa yang dapat diperkatakan untuk peringkat awal, ia adalah seolah-olah bn-umno sedang berusaha untuk mewujudkan satu lagi raksasa ketakutan yang akan digunakan untuk pru-14 pada tahun 2018. 

Kedua [2], jemputan khas yang telah disampaikan oleh wakil kerajaan malaysia kepada pemimpin MNLF adalah satu usaha untuk "Menikam Belakang" kerajaan Republik Filipina. Dengan usaha sebegini, bukankah ini jelas bahawa kerajaan malaysia sedang mengganggu Kedaulatan negara jiran di Asia Tenggara? Apakah akan ada lagi usaha untuk melatihkan pasukan pemberontakkan  dan pembekalan senjata api kepada MNLF untuk membantu mereka menentang kerajaan Republik Filipina? Adakah ini adalah antara agenda yang ingin dijayakan dengan syarat MNLF membantu untuk menghuru-harakan Negara Sabah agar lakonan drama ini mampu menakutkan bangsa Negara Sabah daripada meneruskan usaha untuk memerdekakan negara Sabah daripada cengkaman penjajahan malaya?

Ketiga [3], pihak kami memahami usaha MNLF untuk mendapatkan kemerdekaan bagi wilayah yang dituntut dikawasan Filipina namun apabila ia menyatakan bahawa Negara Sabah dan Negara Sarawak adalah tersenarai daripada agenda mereka, maka dengan itu pihak kami menentang habis-habisan akan usaha tersebut. Filipina sering menggunakan sejarah sebagai alasan untuk mereka meneruskan tuntutan keatas Negara Sabah. Tetapi apabila kajian mendalam dan terperinci dilakukan malah ia telah dibawakan ke peringkat antarabangsa iaitu International Court of Justice (IJC), tuntutan mereka (Filipina) ternyata dengan jelas adalah terbatal, tidak berasas dan tidak diperakui. Sejarah yang telah direkodkan di Negara Brunei telah membuktikan bahawa Sultan Brunei tidak pernah menyerahkan hak pemilikkan keatas Sabah kepada kesultanan sulu. Itu semua sudah tercatat didalam rekod sejarah Negara Brunei. Kerajaan malaya yang telah menyamar menjadi kerajaan malaysia pula telah membuat sejarah longkang dan memutar-belitkan fakta sejarah ini tanpa merujuk kepada sumber sejarah yang sahih di Negara Brunei dengan menggunakan isu ini sebagai permainan politik mereka. Ia didalangi oleh umno-bn Sabah. Rakyat Negara Sabah mesti membuat laporan Polis terhadap kerajaan malaysia kerana sedang melakukan satu konspirasi untuk menjahanamkan Negara Sabah khususnya dalam kontek isu ini. Ia bukanlah satu perkara yang boleh dipandang remeh-temeh.

Keempat [4], pihak kami yakin bahawa jurucakap ini mempunyai kecetekkan ilmu sejarah dan dibuai oleh mimpi siok sendiri. Dakwaan seperti ini adalah dakwaan bodoh. Sila rujuk artikel "Sabah and the Sulu Claim" dan "Sultan Brunei TIDAK pernah serahkan Timur Sabah kepada sulu" untuk memahami sejarah sebenar yang berfakta tanpa manipulasi daripada malaya. Satu lagi, sejak bila Negara Sarawak mempunyai jalinan sejarah dengan kesultanan sulu? Tidakkah ini sudah jelas umno dibawah kepimpinan najib sedang menyampaikan isyarat untuk mengancam Kerajaan Negara Sarawak secara tidak langsung dibawah kepimpinan Ketua Menteri Negara Sarawak, Tan Sri Adenan Satem? 

Kelima [5], Gerombolan pemimpin-pemimpin bn-umno Sabah adalah orang yang mesti bertanggungjawab penuh terhadap segala permasalahan yang timbul di Negara Sabah terutama sekali dalam aspek keselamatan. Pemberian IC secara haram untuk  menjadikan orang asing sebagai warganegara ini telah memberi ancaman kepada landskap politik Negara Sabah. Ini kerana kemenangan bn-umno bukanlah berdasarkan kepada sokongan majoriti rakyat tempatan tetapi adalah atas sokongan warganegara asing yang telah dilayakkan melalui projek IC agar kuasa politik rakyat Tempatan dalam memilih kerajaan dapat dinafikan. Kini, adakah rakyat tempatan Negara Sabah masih buta, pekak dan bisu dalam hal ini? Apakah rakyat Negara Sabah masih terlalu bodoh untuk terus menyokong bn-umno agar dapat menghancurkan masa depan generasi Negara Sabah? Apakah anda akan terus mempertahankan pemimpin-pemimpin bn-umno di Negara Sabah yang jelas sedang mengkhianati anda serta menjahanamkan Negara Sabah dengan permainan politik yang kotor, hina dan jijik ini?

Sila luangkan masa anda untuk berfikir sejenak. Adakah anda benar-benar masih mahu mempertahankan mereka untuk pru14 pada tahun 2018? Lihat anak-anak kecil anda yang kian membesar, golongan remaja yang kian menjadi dewasa serta pasangan yang ingin dan baru berkahwin. Apakah anda ingin menghancurkan masa depan mereka dengan kebodohan anda yang bermati-matian mempertahankan PENGKHIANAT DAN PENJAHANAM BANGSA (bn-umno)??? Jikalau tidak, sebarkan mesej ini dan sampaikan kepada semua orang untuk pengetahuan mereka bahawa bn-umno di Negara Sabah MESTI DITUMBANGKAN sepenuhnya sebagai tindak balas terhadap pengkhianatan mereka terhadap Bangsa Negara Sabah. Terakhir sekali, betulkan sejarah Negara Sabah dan Negara Sarawak yang salah didalam buku teks sejarah sekolah!

Pihak SSKM-SSU(UK) ingin mengesahkan bahawa mesej ini yang sedang viral dalam group whatsapp memang benar. Sila baca dan sebarkan...

Copy paste...

Satu hari full saya tengok dokumentari khas di Singapore hari ini....Memang benar 100% apa yang DDJK cakap selama ini... Perjuangan SSKM pun sangat2 benar....Singapore dikeluarkan dari gabungan 4 negara yg dipanggil "Federasi Malaysia". Singapore dikeluarkan oleh Tunku AR kerana Lee Kuan Yew yg juga status Perdana Menteri menentang struktur politik "Malaysia Malaysia" yang kini ditukar menjadi Barisan National..... Menurut Lee, Malaysia Malaysia adalah satu perangkap mencampuri urusan politik negara gabungan dgn tujuan memusatkan kesemua kekayaan dan cukai di Kuala Lumpur... Lee bukan hanya menentang bagi pihak Singapura tetapi juga bagi pihak North Borneo dan Sarawak... Lee pernah menangis dpn Queen Elizabeth II bukan kerana mengenangkan nasib Singapura yang ditendang keluar dari Malaysia tetapi beliau menangis kerana Sahabat baik beliau iaitu Tun Fuad, Tun Mustapa dan pemimpin Sarawak tidak sedikit pun membela beliau kerana termakan fitnah dari Tunku.... Asalnya, Sabah Sarawak tidak teringin pun menerima pelawaan Tunku AR membentuk Malaysia tetapi oleh kerana mereka yakin bahawa Lee sendiri bersetuju membentuk Malaysia, maka para pemimpin Borneo juga akhirnya bersetuju....Barisan Nasional adalah jalan penaklukan rupanya.... Saya beruntung dpt mendengar dan membaca info yang langsung tidak pernah diungkapkan di Malaysia selama ini....

terperangkap. tapi jangan lupa. lee kuan yew jg yg berabis memujuk sabah sarawak menyertai malaysia. nasib berpihak jg dgn lee kuan yew. lee mmg sorg peguam setanding tunku. rentak kuala lumpur mudah di baca olehnya. double Tun dr sabah tidak nampak itu. dan nasib malang parti stphen kalong. bila saja menang keputusan di nafikan. kalong di tangkap. srwk under emergency........srwk cuba mengorak laluan singapore jg di bungkus daun pisang.

Dokumentari tadi khas untuk memperingati perjuangan mendiang Lee Kuan Yew... Rupanya, bukanlah Tunku seorang yang menjadi "KEY" kepada pembentukan Malaysia...Tun Fuad dan Tun Mustafa rupanya adalah sahabat baik Lee dan saya tergamam melihat video Tun Fuad dan Tun Mustafa duduk semeja dengan Lee Kuan Yew semasa mereka membuat keputusan bersama untuk membentuk Malaysia... Tunku yang berstatus Ketua Menteri Malaya cuba menjadi "leader" kepada 4 ketua negara dan ianya ditentang oleh Lee...Lee berpendapat bahawa Perdana Menteri "Federasi Malaysia" mesti rolling atau bergilir-gilir.... Lee menuduh Tunku di Dewan Parlimen sebagai " power monopolise"..... Selesai sahaja sidang Dewan Parlimen, golongan pimpinan muda UMNO ketika itu(zaman muda geng Mahathir) mula menyebarkan fitnah kononnya Lee Komunis Leader, Cina mahu merampas keistimewaan Bumiputera dan dan perkauman mula ditiupkan.... Cerita yang sebenar adalah tidak pernah kita dengar... Lee menentang Tunku kerana "Malaya Agenda" yang ingin dilakukan oleh Tunku... Agenda Malaya terlalu kuat dan deras menguasai politik negara gabungan kerana sokongan majlis raja-raja yg akhirnya membentuk penggiliran tetapi menurut Lee, Perdana Menteri FEDERASI juga sepatutnya di gilir-gilir....semua apa yang kita belajar/ dgr dari pemimpin2 politik selama ini adalah palsu...Istilah "Agenda Malaya" bukanlah datang dari DDJK tetapi asalnya Lee Kuan Yew yang asaskan bagi menentang fahaman politik " Malaysia Malaysia"alias Parti Perikatan dan kini menjadi "Barisan Nasional"....

Copy paste "Power Monopolise"

Sebap itu lah mengapa Malaya menurun kan taraf Sabah Sarawak daripada Negara kepada Negeri.

Jika ikut peraturan Royalty Minyak Antarabangsa, hanya Negara yang ada kuasa terhadap hasil minyak yang terdapat dalam Negara. Jika minyak yang digali itu dalam kewasan negeri, negeri tersebut hanya layak mendapat royalty 5% dan keatas tertakluk kepada kelulusan Negara.

Naa.. kamu nampak suda ka apa sebap Sabah Sarawak kena turun taraf.? Malaya mahu semua hasil dipusatkan di Malaya. Kalau Sabah Sarawak Masih berstatus Negara, Malaya tidak dapat berbuat apa apa terhadap hasil minyak kita kerana tiada yang dikatakan Negara Malaysia sebalik nya Malaysia adalah Persekutuan yg ditubuhkan oleh 4 buah Negara.

Jelas lah apa yang dikhuatiri oleh perdana menteri Singapura LKY adalah benar.

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Baca k. Kmu anak2 muda mesti mengetahui sejarah negara sendiri

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