On 18 July 1961 a letter from former Sabah C.M. Donald Stephens was published in the Straits times criticizing Malaya's attempts to push their Malaysia Plan on the Borneo countries of Brunei, North Borneo (Sabah) and Sarawak.

His polite but firm comments inferred that Malaya was pushing its Malaysia Plan on the Borneo countries and smacked of "colonialism".

He made the followings points which are even more accurate and self evident after over 50 years for Sabah and Sarawak as vassal states. Brunei is the only country to gain real independence.

  1. Borneo people opposed Malaysia.
  2. Borneo countries should have independence first and consider "Malaysia" later.
  3. Borneo countries are to deal with Malaya on equal basis and not as vassals.
  4. "We do not want to join Malaya as colonies" (Britain colluded with Malaya to transfer Borneo sovereignty without independence)
  5. "Borneonize" civil service first and not have new "expatriates" come and take the top jobs.
  6. Malaysia Plan was against the Borneo nationalist aspirations for independence.
  7. Malaya should instead "urge" Brunei to help form a federation of the 3 Borneo territories first.
  8. The alternative idea of a confederation with Malaya could be considered after formation of the "Borneo Federation".
  9. He expressed concern about Malayan interference in the independence process with their plan to make Borneo states dependent on Malaya.
  10. He asked Malaya to stop interfering and forget about making Brunei North Borneo and Sarawak the 12th, 13th and 14th States of Malaya..

Source: Borneo Wiki

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